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    November 16, 2012
    11:00 - 12:00am EST  

i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! firms are going to go out of business, and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere -- >> "mad money" you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. a lot of people want to make friends. i want to try to save you money. my job is not just to entertain you, but educate you so call me 1-800-743-cnbc. what are we supposed to make of this big meeting at the white house? president obama met with congressional leaders and they made optimistic noises about how they are confident they'll reach a deal to avoid the looming fiscal cliff? the meeting helped stem the tide of decline.
it caused the averages to slightly rebound. the dow closing up 46 points, pretty impressive. call me cynical, but i think we need to be careful about getting too excited about any near term resolution. how many times during the debt ceiling debacle, remember that? did our leaders insist they could hammer out a deal. even a huge grand bargain to fix the deficit only to have the negotiations unravel. until we get a resolution, the fiscal cliff will be the most important issue out there. tonight as part of my game plan, i'm going to give the historical prism as long as the cliff is hanging over our heads. as a grizzled veteran of the markets, i searched my memory for the perfect analog for this moment and found it in something that happened more than 20 years
ago before i give you the investing framework for the next six weeks, let's go over the more time sensitive stuff and game plan for next week. shortened week because of the holiday. first off on monday morning we hear from lowe's. home depot reported a magnificent number. it promptly fell. it did stabilize today. its rival will report. do we expect the same kind of action? frankly, lowe's isn't anywhere near as good as home despot. the only opportunity i see here is if the earnings are so bad -- i don't think thill be. i think they'll have 1.5% comp sales. if they knock it down and take home depot with it, buy home depot. jack in the box reports after the close. we've been big believers in this turnaround as they remodel the stores. we are more interested in listening to what jack in the box has to say then in taking action about it. we've got to find out about this incredible weakness of
mcdonald's. that put a cloud over the whole group. cordova is the analog for chipotle. look for pin action there if they say anything good. i think chipotle bottomed. best buy comes tuesday morning. while the situation at best buy, i'm using the term potentially terminal. we heard from sears, consumer hard goods business remains totally cutthroat. we know -- it was last night. we know this company is in the crosshairs of amazon. look for a down beat quarter. heinz reports tuesday. this is the type of company i said is bottoming right here. it's well run, it's international. it benefits from lower commodity prices. that is a degree of immunity of the fiscal cliff. it's less than a point off its high which shows you that it is fiscal cliff be damned for this class of stock.
if you get weakness off, you know where we are going? heinz, i bet will be a dynamite corner. after the close tuesday. throughout this difficult period pc dead, cell phone alive but cutthroat. the cloud robust. sales is in the heart of the cloud. we think it will be good. that doesn't matter. what matters is, will it be good enough to please the bulls? i've got the answer. nothing is good enough in this day. nothing. remind ourselves if it's good and the cliff is resolved, we can always circle back and do some buying of deere reports wednesday morning. be careful. this stock gets hit almost after every single conference call because the company is cautious and doesn't know how to do a coherent conference call. there's been a run. more than ten-point increase
since we last heard from them. that is too precious to not nail down. here is what i want you to think of before deere reports. for the fiscal cliff. what's the best analogy for trying to trade in anticipation of a resolution? like i said before, i don't think it's the debt ceiling last year. we hit declines that ended the moment a deal was struck. that's not like that. nor do i think it's the european debt talks where we figured mid week european central bank meeting would bring better news and neither one of them fits this perspective. after a day where the president and speaker of the house started the talks to resolve the crisis, i searched and searched and realized, no, you've got to go back 22 years ago to get some
perspective. everything repeats itself in the market eventually. i'm going back to 1990. when then president bush the first was asking secretary of state james baker to hold talks with iraq about getting saddam hussein to pull his troops out of kuwait not long after they had invaded kuwait. that's the right analogy for these fiscal cliff talks, believe it or not. at the time we, investors, traders, actually thought could you make a deal with saddam. we believed you could sit down with tariq aziz and halfer out a compromise. for some ridiculous reason we thought it would have to be done over the weekend. short sellers have been making a killing since saddam invaded kuwait that summer. dow dropping from 2900 to 2350 as the stalemate dragged on. the shorts feared these aziz/bush talks. they didn't want to see the
juicy top get obliterated. i would reel in or bring in my short positions friday morning unlike those who came in at the close so i could sleep soundly over the weekend. so i didn't have to wake up to a headline saddam agrees to pull back, u.s. rebuilds kuwait. you had to believe he would do something rational like that. did saddam think he could beat the united states in a war? many thought he was actually a rational human being who would reach the conclusion that couldn't happen. oops. fast forward 22 years. today we saw similar fears by the the current crop of short sellers. you could hear their thoughts like mine in 1990. what happens if they do something rational?
s what if they start caring about all the people forced out of work immediately or have to pay far more in taxes? what happens if they actually rise above? those concerns caused people to cover their short positions betting that the consequences of going over the cliff were unthinkable, as what saddam would face if he had to go to war with the united states. of course it turns out there never was any deal back then and we had to go to war, we won and that was it. markets bottomed because the decline compensated for the war already unless we would have lost it. we didn't know the outcome or how long it would take at the time we knew whenever there was a resolution the market would go higher. why take chances until we knew more? i think we have to be similarly hopeful the two sides reach some deal and some of the shorts who have done well during this 8% decline will feel like they
don't want to lose their terrific case. what if both sides negotiations were like saddam? both believe their principles. what if they don't care we get hurt? that's what i worry about, that they don't care. they are trying to win so bad they don't care. it's possible we are already where we were 22 years ago at this moment, bottoming as a way to a violent resolution to the matter. that thought occurred to me when we were down 60 dow points at the low of the day. what seems more likely, we are at a friday juncture where we tried and failed to hit a real bottom. perhaps the one at dow 2748 or dow 2616 or dow 2483, all covering levels that led to a false sense of hope in 1990 along to the true dow bottom 2360. we generally don't know yet which level we are at versus where we'll be when the fiscal cliff crisis ends, whether violently or peacefully. 1990 teaches us you have to respect the hope that springs eternal, at least till fridays. that same hope gets crushed on sunday night. realize monday we should have
sold not bought into friday's short-covering rally. tom in new york, please. tom. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> you're welcome. >> caller: last night i took my wife and children to see the 10:00 p.m. showing of the "twilight" movie. >> was it good? >> caller: it was great. we loved it. we thought it was the best "twilight" of all. we loved it. >> really? >> caller: the theaters were all packed, sold out. my question for you is lionsgate? >> here's the problem. go back, rewind to "hunger games." stock ran up in anticipation of "hunger games." what happened? the trade was made, the stock sold off. i fear the same thing for "twilight." i hope my kids will let me go with them. we don't know what levels we'll be at. hope may get crushed sunday night. that was the 1990 pattern. "mad money" will be right back.
coming up -- food for thought. a buffet of restaurant stocks made their debut on the street. just any dish won't do. cramer is finding the stock with five-star potential in this serving of shares. don't miss his pick of the menu. later -- wheel and deal? the nation's largest auto dealers are slugging it out over show room supremacy. the rumble for roadway dominance between carmax and autonation continues. which stock has the potential for runaway gains? cramer is putting you in the driver's seat just ahead. plus, you stumped him. >> i cannot opine over something i have not looked at lately. >> now he's back with the answers. stick around, cramer is turning in his homework and this could help your portfolio pass with flying colors. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad
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in moments like this one where everybody is panicked about something horrific like the fiscal cliff. it's more important than ever you have something to keep you interested in investing. something that will hold your attention so you don't get blown out of investing. that's why we actually do speculate here on "mad money." playing around with small cap stocks to have high risk and high rewards. not all tiny little companies are worth speculating. we made mistakes, too. some are going to win big, some are going to lose big. tonight we want to take a look at four smaller restaurant specs that came public this past spring. some of them in the summer. they may have flown under your
radar. talking about ignite restaurant group irg, chuy, dell frisco and bloomin brands. so you know which ones are worth chowing down on and which ones should be avoided. sell, sell, sell! i think you need to selig night restaurant group. you need to take profits in chuy and bloominbrands. the only one worth owning is dell frisco. even that i would only buy in the weakness. you always get a swoon at one point in the day. that is what's happening right now. what's the reason behind these rankings? ignite restaurant group came public may 10th. rose 22% first day of trading. this is the company that owns and operates joe's crab shack as well as brickhouse tavern and tap. ignite had to restate its financial shortly after the ipo
which is why the stock has come down 29% in the after market. it becomes public and has to restate its financials is a bad sign. my rule is accounting issues always equal sell, sell, sell! that's why i would stay the heck away from ignite. i would rather own lignite -- drum roll. how about the others? chuys. it's a holding on the play of the mexican casual dining space. also serves alcohol which gives it a leg up on chipotle and taco bell. it rose in the aftermarket. even up here the stock pulled back a lot in recent months, down about six points from its high. chuys is a fast grower. the company is expected to close the year with 39 locations, most
in texas. do you know that works out to be a comparable store growth over 20%? it can be intoxicating. bay they are opening lots of new locations doesn't mean chuys will be a success. last quarter the company posted a measly 1.5% increase in same-store sales. i don't care how many new stores they are adding. i'm not paying 33 times earnings for a company with comps that low. you are up 64% from the ipo, 39% where it started trading. it's time to ring the register. anything else? you're being a pig. how about bloomin brands? it is the company behind outback steakhouse, corraba's italian grill, bonefish grill, flemings. they either own are franchise. the average check is just over $20. while it's not fancy, bloomin is at the high end. this company has been able to meet expectations. same-store sales numbers were
solid up 3%. this stock had a real run. bloomin popped 13% on its first day of trade. it's gone on to rise another 17%. given fiscal cliff and capital gains taxes could go higher, i've got to take profits. it's too risky. the one recent restaurant ipo that i count in this is del frisco's. the company owns 32 upscale restaurants under three brands, double eagle steak house, sullivan's and del frisco grill. the high-end consumer is in excellent shape. it's been held back by memories of other steak houses that failed as stocks. i want you to think ruths chris, mccormick and schmidt's.
those companies 10% growth but none were able to achieve that number. no. mccormick and mortons were hammered by the great recession. came public $18 in 2005 rallied up to the mid $220s but came tumbling back down to where it's trading at $6 and change. i like going to ruths. i love outback steak but i like del frisco best. this is why it did nothing when it came public. it's hard to do steak places. after spiking up, stock is down to $14.44 just above the ipo price. i like the other fresh face ipo
del frisco hasn't run at all. compares with all these other steak houses that turned out to be disappointments, it doesn't hold water. the thing they had in khan was a high-leveraged balance sheet. lots of debt, tons of it. del frisco has virtually no debt. it can succeed where others fail because a it has a clean balance sheet and with only 32 locations they can put up a lot of these. a lot of room to expand. they recently raised 2012 sales guidance to a range of 3.5% to 4%. that's not just i love the food and service and dine there whenever i can. it's better and it's pretty darn cheap, too. 16% long term growth rate.
sells cheaper than a growth rate that's good. if you're looking to speculate in a fresh face restaurant stock, this is the one to buy. bottom line, out of the four newly minted restaurant and ipos, sell, selig night restaurant group. take profits in chuys and bloomin brands. feel like speculating? pick up del friscos, as long as you limit orders and only buy into weakness. yes, when i go and i can't finish, i like the doggy bag. i'll try to make you more money. wheel and deal? the nation's largest auto dealers are slugging it out over show room supremacy. the rumble for roadway dominance between carmax and autonation continues.
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disappointed in the latest earning season, some delivered better than expected numbers. for example, the auto companies, ford and general motors. they reported spectacular quarters. showed remarkable improvement in north america. yes, the auto bull market is very much alive in this country. hurricane sandy has given a major boost. there are reports thanks to the destruction wrought by sandy, 200,000 cars will need to be purchased. how will they play it? it's difficult to play it with the car makers. ford and gm have a ton of international exposure, including a big european business. so however phenomenal the results were, these were not pure plays and they could disappoint as europe slips into
a deeper recession. if you want to profit from the north american auto market, we need to look at the companies that actually sell cars. the auto retailers. the best of the bunch are autonation for new cars and carmax for used ones. when it comes down to two stocks, you know what we do here, the "mad money" method is to have a face-off. a good old-fashioned stock shootout or if you prefer, a post apocalyptic beyond thunderdome style smackdown where two stocks enter and only one stock leaves. which is the better buy? autonation or carmax? this is a curious pair of stocks. they are both up around 10% year-to-date. they are both trading at about 15 times earnings. long term they each have been fabulous performers over the last decade.
carmax up 300%. autonation gained 270%. when you look at the last five years autonation left carmax in the dust rallying 148% versus just 50% for kmx. autonation reported a beat on october 25th, but it sold off. carmax reported a miss back on september 20th, yet it rallied on the report. although the stock since then pulled back, about three points from its high. do we go with the auto retail their sold off on a better than expected number or the used car seller that serves on disappointment? i like both companies right now. i think carmax though is the better stock. the reason? it's simple. for the first time in years, the used car market is poised to start outperforming the new car market and carmax is the one that sells used cars. for the last five odd years selling new cars was a much better business than selling used ones. that's why they made a heck of a lot more money than carmax.
new car sales are growing rapidly. we are on track for building more cars than we have the last few years. the margin for new cars are starting to get squeezed. competition is coming back. during the great recession, tons of car dealerships closed down. now you've got new dealerships popping up again and the business is starting to get more cutthroat and more competitive. even though autonation has a bright future, they are facing difficulties they didn't have to deal with a year or two ago. the used car business, that's a different story. in recent years, used car retailers struggled against a head wind which is the recession that caused a huge decline. there weren't enough new cars built in 2008 and 2009, to the lesser extent 2010 to support a robust car market. the ones they most want to buy are the ones with the least wear and tear.
as gary bolder, the supreme retail analyst at credit suisse points out, thanks to the recent boom, the supply of used vehicles zero to 6 years old are starting to rebound. next year should accelerate, maybe increasing by as much as 9.3%. that is great news for carmax. 108 superstores, 53 different markets. over the last three years, the total number of used cars stayed around $40 million. because there wasn't enough supply of newer models, many sales were for older cars. carmax will be able to sell more late model used cars. that means the company will make more money. we are seeing this in inventory. carmax wouldn't be buying these cars if they didn't think they could sell them. autonation also has huge car exposure. they are not total chumps. 25% total sales. its business is primarily
selling new vehicles. for the last four quarters, many japanese models turned to the u.s. markets. next year in p the business should probably decelerate a bit as these positives move into the rear view mirror. it's not about who is selling new cars versus used ones. it's about who can open new stores. carmax, turbo charge growth story, they plan on expanding from 110 locations to over 300. 10% square footage growth over the year. think of carmax as a regional and national used car retailer. many expenses associated with opening new stores should peak by the middle of next year. autonation can't start opening up new dealerships whenever it wants. autonation generally operates franchises for the automakers. autonation is a closely held
stock. rbs partners own 38% of the company. in the past, autonation had discipline and patient buyback. carmax just announced its first share repurchase at the end of october which indicates management is feeling bullish about the company's prospects. if you're looking for a way to play the booming domestic auto business, i say carmax is the better buy than autonation. it takes longer for the used car business to benefit from new auto bills. that time has finally come. the strength in used cars should
augment carmax's already terrific growth story. don't go crazy. as long as the fiscal cliff is hanging over us, you only want to pick at carmax into weakness. buy it in stages on the way down. worried about getting the best deal? don't worry. this horrible market will certainly give it to you. let's speak to dwayne in minnesota. >> caller: boo-yah, jim! >> what's up, buddy? >> caller: i was wondering about autozone. what do you think of the company that's only about 35 years old, has over 4,000 stores now, their stock was $23 in 2000 and now like $377. i wish i would have got some back then. >> we are very pro the stock of autozone and always have been. we think it's terrific. we always mentioned it with windham.
i think if you buy acl you'll do well. jim in my home state of new jersey, jim. >> caller: mr. cramer, how are you? >> not bad. i feel like i'm talking to myself. >> caller: the compassionate, i'm going to call you the compassionate capitalist. american axle. i read an article where they expanded in asia. they did mergers and acquisitions to expand their parts. now they are looking at europe because of the weakness. makes great acquisitions for companies there already established so they can expand there. is this a trend or longevity? i do have this stock and kind of rolled back. along with that, ford which they rode in tandem cycle together here.
>> since you're from new jersey, i'm going to bump into you and say why did you bless that, mr. cramer? i actually think moving into europe is a big mistake. europe is actually falling off a real cliff, not a fiscal cliff. i don't want to have any company that is overexpanded or moving to europe right now. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. if you're looking to ride this domestic auto business we like carmax. don't put the pedal to the medal while we have the fiscal cliff road block. stay with cramer. coming up, can you handle the heat? cramer gets you fired up for a searing hot lightning round. later, you stumped him. now he's back with the answers. i always wait until the last minute.
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it's the time for the lightning round! i am starting with glenn in
maryland. glenn! >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i was wondering what you think about cmg chipotle? >> i think the bottomed at the $232 level. we need to wait for a pullback. let's go to lisa in hawaii. lisa! >> caller: hi, jim. my stock is palo alto network. what do you think? >> a good company but it's too expensive. it's too expensive so i'm going to tell you not to buy. we can't buy too expensive tech companies. martin in new york. >> caller: hi, jim. i'd like to know your opinion on zip cause. >> zip bottomed. that doesn't want me to be in it. i think the traditional rent-a-car companies are coming
on strong and i'm doing a lot of work and like what i see. carmen in florida. >> caller: yes, thank you for taking my call, mr. cramer. >> sure enough, what's up with you? >> caller: i own alexium pharmaceuticals? >> people are selling that because they don't know what the tax scheme will be. i care that it's a terrific stock. wait till the end of the year and pick some up. matt in indiana. >> caller: boo-yah, cramer from the tennessee valley. >> we get calls from everywhere. yes. >> caller: i want to say hi to my 6-month-old little boy who loves your show. >> and? >> caller: and i want to ask you about qpe. >> last friday, if you recall, we had robert bemnochet. it's an opportunity. aig is cheap. it's got sandy.
i already told but sandy. i like the stock. joe in michigan. >> caller: hey, jim. big boo-yah from michigan. drn, trinity industries. should i stay on or get off? >> have you own an actual rail. i don't know if karl ichan is coming after these. that is the conclusion of the lightning round! let's go right to it. >> caller: jay from beautiful bainbridge island, washington. >> i wish i was there. let's go right to it. >> caller: jay from beautiful bainbridge island, washington. >> i wish i was there. >> caller: it's rainy. >> john in florida.
>> boo-yah, jimmy from the beach in miami. >> everyone is in a better place than i am. >> caller: boo-yah from miami. >> i wish i were there so bad. can't you transport me there right now? >> this week in the fiscal cliff. >> it's because of the fiscal cliff. >> going off the fiscal cliff. >> fiscal cliff. >> looming cliff. looming cliff, one of my favorites. >> you've been watching this week in the fiscal cliff. >> it's a surprise. that's why we are throwing our surprise party tonight. have i overdone this yet? fiscal cliff. we're having a birthday cake, surprise cake. it's one of those that has ice
cream. cvs barely budged the day it reported. almost like someone took a knife and stuck it into the outside surprise party. talk about a party pooper. what are these titanium balloons? inappropriate balloon moment there. scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. if we want to improve science. our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings?
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invn. i had to get back to him. this is a favulous company, not fabulous, technology embedded in chips that allows to track human motions from smart phones to gaming devices to video cameras. stock down 29%, sudden departure of the ceo. broader macroeconomic worries. i say no need to be a hero. it might look attractive on valuation basis, but the stock can drift lower. stay away. last thursday, november 9th, right off the election, john in texas asked about greenway medical, gway. they just won a big new contract with walgreens. health care technology solution that will supply electronic medical records to 8,300 walgreens. besides being certified, 37 times next year's earnings?
too expensive for this guy. i wouldn't touch it. wait for an earnings hiccup, something we've seen from these health care i.t. providers. that will give you the pullback you need before you can build a position. we have lost too much money in this market buying stocks that sell for more than 30 times earnings. now september 14th, i highlighted a speculative opportunity in a company called dynamax. at the time it looked like they had a better hepatitis vaccine and the risk profile wouldn't dissuade the fda from approving it in an upcoming panel in february. unfortunately for shareholders, the fda panel met yesterday and asked the company to present more safety data. in response on that, the stock got crushed and fell $2.19, 47%.
dynavax represents the downside of speculation. this is a loser. the downside speculation happens when you're informed or thought we would be. we got this wrong. unlike someone who tweeted @jim cramer that i wouldn't bother to mention dynavax, i own my mistakes. i shouldn't own this one. this is not a rejection from the fda, only a setback. panel was 13-1 in favor of effectiveness, but 5-8 in overall safety. no specific safety issues were raised. the filing documents indicate no adverse events. what's next? i'm confident the company can overcome some of the inadequate safety data. the brutal hammering in the stock today was an overreaction. i think dynavax will provide more safety data.
they have more than enough cash on the balance sheet to survive. they have a hepatitis b vaccine that requires fewer injections than the current standard of care. if you own it, i would not be a seller down here. i do expect it to bounce ahead of the next fda meeting february 24th then you'll get a better price to exit. stay with cramer. ♪
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when you have these long stretches declines, and that's what we've been having despite today's positive action. you hear the word oversold being
bantered a lot. we are due for a bounce because we are oversold. i worry about a term like oversold because it is a trader term. may make no sense to you at all as it did to me when i first got into this business. let me explain in plain english what oversold is and why you get an oversold bounce. first you have to understand while individuals change in smaller amounts, 100 shares, 200, 500, large institutions trade in significant amounts, amounts that can dent a stock if not break it. apple, a top of the mine stock if there ever were one. start with the premise throughout the decline we have seen sellers big and small hurting the stock. i'm focused on the big ones. desire to beat other sellers seems paramount. apple missed two quarters in a row but at no time did an
analyst downgrade it. we know the price to earnings ratio, apping is beyond cheap. based on any stock in the market. it hasn't mattered to the sellers. i know there are multiple sellers of this stock. many selling at what we call rant size increments, hundreds of thousands if not millions of shares. every day they reload, another term that means they re-up their sell orders. they keep coming back every day and piece the stock out in order to avoid or thinking they are avoiding to knocking it down themselves. doesn't matter. large sellers overwhelm the buyers every day. eventually they finish reselling or walk away because the stock has gotten too cheap. they made dislike apple in the $600s. there are others who see this relentless selling and knowing the stock takes up technical
support levels like what we talked about the charts on tuesday, they short the stocks. they think the down trend is their friend. they are trading what is known as flow. merely trading on the fact there are so many sellers driving down apple they want to join them. the brokers who handle the orders short the stock on the way down, too. they can be key players in the oversold bounce. at a certain point some of these large sellers who the broker know hold millions of shares of stock get down to what is known as tag ends. that means they are almost out of stock to sell. on the desk that's called cleaning up the seller. usually when the seller is cleaning up, the final trade is a big piece, several hundred thousand shares. brokers close out their positions by covering or buying this last piece. when that happens after an
endless decline you get a classic oversold bounce because impact sellers are done. shorts panic and reach for the stock moving it up with their own buying. this happened to apple this afternoon when the stock rebounded from being down nearly $20 and rallied, pulled back at the close at $527 but traded up after hours. that's the classic oversold bounce. given the vicious nature of the decline and intense shorting, the bounce may not be done. why focus on this? because oftentimes i say, wait, the stock is oversold. wait. there will be a better time to sell. i know that because i witnessed the process i just described. the sellers might soon be done and you can get that classic oversold bounce we saw in apple, which gives you a much better time to leave the stock than when it is in freefall as the sellers at $505 today found out. stay with cramer. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants.
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listen, we've been walking on this wall of shame for people not able to rise above. i just want to give these people a little chance. here is what we are thinking about for people who belong on the wall of shame without mentioning any names yet. if you believe it's really a good idea to go over the cliff in order to be able to test the mettle of the system, you could be on the wall of shame. if you start by saying there can be no compromise no matter what on taxes, i think you, too, could be ending up on the wall of shame. why? because we've got to rise above so people can put dinner on the table. that's what we are trying to get done here. there's always a bull market somewhere.